Short Term Van Insurance

Insure a van for a short period of timeThe majority of van insurance companies normally only offer van insurance for a minimum period of 12 months but there may be an occasion when you need such cover over a shorter period of time. For example, you may be moving home and have borrowed a van to help move your furniture and belongings over a period of a number of days.

This is where short term van insurance could be suitable. Such a policy enables you to obtain temporary cover whether that is for a few days or a number of months so that you can drive a van legally.

You may have thought that you could just take out an annual van insurance policy and then cancel it after a few days, weeks or months. You may be able to do this but such action could prove costly as many insurance companies impose a significant penalty fee for cancelling a policy early and may also only refund part of the premium that you have already paid making the option of taking out an annual policy not financially viable.

Short term van insurance is taken out for a specific timescale so you will only need to pay for the period that you have the cover in place. This is likely to make this form of insurance much more affordable than an annual policy. However, you do need to be aware that you cannot build up any no-claims discount with short-term van insurance.

How are premiums calculated?

The cost of this type of cover is based on the usual factors such as your age, driving history, type of van being insured, type of cover, what your van is being used for, the number of miles you will drive, the excess you may pay and where the van will be parked overnight.

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