Multi-Van Insurance

Insure multiple vans on the same insurance policyMulti-van insurance is suitable for those businesses that have at their disposal more than one van. The vans can be of different makes and models.

Historically, when starting out in business, you may have just had the one van and, as the business has expanded, you may have taken on more vans. It is quite possible that you chose to take out individual van insurance policies for each of the vehicles with a number of different insurance companies resulting in premiums coming out of your bank account at different times of the month and each policy coming up for renewal at various times in the year. This can often be a significant administrative and costly burden. A multi-van insurance policy can be arranged that may be able to cover all your vans with only one monthly premium and the policy can be reviewed just once a year.

Another benefit with this type of policy is that the premium may be lower than the total of all the individual policy premiums thus saving the business money that in the current economic climate is to be welcomed. The reason that this may be the case is that the multi-van insurance policy provider may offer a discount as you are arranging insurance cover on all your vans through them.

Whether only yourself drives more than one business van or you have a number of drivers it should be possible to insure most of them through the one multi-van insurance policy. However, you should compare the cost of doing this as, for instance, if you wish to insure a young less experienced driver, it may increase the premium on the multi-van insurance policy significantly. That does not mean to say it will still not work out cheaper but you should check.