Liability Insurance

Protect yourself from public liabilityIf you are running your own business, whether it includes a van or not, you may need to consider both public liability insurance and/or employer’s liability insurance – in fact the later is a legal requirement if you employ at least one person.

What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Public liability insurance will pay out a sum of money should you or one of your employees make a mistake that results in injury or death to a member of the public or causes damage to that person’s property. That accident could take place whilst a customer is visiting your premises and perhaps slipped on some oil on the office floor causing him or her to break both arms and be unable to work for an extended period of time. It could also take place whilst you are unloading an item at the customer’s premises causing injury to them.

The customer may then sue your business for such things as hospital treatment and loss of earnings. A public liability insurance policy will hopefully cover the cost of the sum the business is being sued for less the policy excess (subject to certain monetary limits).

What Does Employer’s Liability Insurance Cover?

Just to re-iterate, if you have one or more employees then it is a legal requirement that the employer arranges employer’s liability insurance. This will provide cover should the employee be injured whilst working and sue you for such things as loss of earnings and medical care.

For instance, if an employee were operating an electric saw on the shop floor and the saw cut their hand off they may sue you. This type of insurance would cover your business’s legal expenses in defending the case and cover any compensation (subject to certain limits) if your employee won the case. If your employee were delivering an item to a customer and damaged their back whilst lifting the item from the van they may sue their employer for medical treatment and loss of earnings. Again, this type of insurance would cover this situation.

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