Goods In Transit Cover

Protect your vehicle and its contents whilst in transitIf you are a courier or a haulage contractor you will be involved in the transportation of goods in your business vehicle. These goods will be loaded onto your van, driven to their intended destination and then unloaded at your customer’s premises at which point control falls into your customer’s hands.

Your concern is going to be if something happens to those goods whilst you are transporting them as well as during the loading and unloading process. For instance, what would happen if those goods were stolen from the back of your van or an expensive item that you were transporting was lost? What would happen if some of the goods were damaged whilst being transported perhaps because an expensive vase fell over and smashed or, worse still, your van were involved in an accident causing damage not only to your vehicle but the goods inside it?

What Does Goods In Transit Insurance Cover?

You will be pleased to read that a goods in transit insurance policy should protect the goods you are carrying in your van in all the aforementioned situations. It may also provide cover for your tools whilst being transported as well as any of your personal effects. Cover may even be provided whilst the goods are being loaded and unloaded from your van.

Just as commercial van insurance provides you with cover for your vehicle, this will provide you with peace of mind in the knowledge that any goods damaged whilst under your control are fully protected subject to certain policy limitations. For instance, there may well be an excess payable in respect of any claim.

There are a number of insurance companies providing goods in transit cover so it is worth using a website like ours as we can assist in trying to get the best deal for you both by way of the most suitable cover as well as a competitive premium.