Fleet Van Insurance

Fleet of VansThere are many businesses that, over the years, have increased the number of vans in their fleets but, historically, have arranged a separate van insurance policy every time a new van is purchased. If this is the situation in your business, you may wish to consider another means of insuring all those vehicles – a fleet van insurance policy.

Potentially, there are three benefits the later provides: –

Firstly, administering and managing one fleet policy is easier than having to deal with lots of individual policies that may be with a variety of insurance companies coming up for renewal at different times of the year as you will only need to go through the renewal process once each year.

Secondly, it is quite possible that the premium on a fleet van insurance policy could be cheaper than the total of the individual policies. This is because you are buying in bulk and may benefit from a discounted premium.

Thirdly, all your drivers could be insured to drive any of your fleet of vans providing the business with greater flexibility when it comes to keeping your vehicles on the road.

Levels Of Van Insurance Protection

As with other types of van insurance, there are three levels of cover with fleet van insurance – third party (cheapest), third party fire and theft (next cheapest) and fully comprehensive (most expensive). Ultimately, you must decide which level of cover will meet your requirements.

Can You Include Any Optional Extras?

There are optional extras to consider such as breakdown cover and legal expenses cover all of which will effect the amount of the premium.

Getting Competitive Quotes

There are a number of providers of fleet van insurance so it is important that you endeavour to get the most suitable deal for you. We can assist you in obtaining a number of competitive quotes.