Commercial Van Insurance

There are many different types of business that require a van to enable the business to operate effectively – if at all. For instance, tradespeople such as an electrician, carpenter or a plumber need to be mobile and carry tools, parts and goods to the job that they are working at. Some of these items would be too bulky to all fit in the largest of cars hence the reason why a van is necessary.

Legally, you must insure your van and this can be arranged by taking out a commercial van insurance policy.

The Three Levels of Cover

There are three levels of commercial van insurance: –

As a minimum, you must take out third party cover but other options are third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive cover. These all provide varying levels of cover with different premiums so you must decide which you consider to be the most suitable.

Third party cover only covers other vehicles, people and property in the event of an accident – it does not cover your van.

Third party, fire and theft covers everything that third party insurance does but also includes cover should your van be stolen or damaged in a fire.

Fully comprehensive insurance covers all that is included in the above two levels of van insurance but also covers your van if it is involved in an accident even if it is your fault.

Additional Options

You may wish to consider including things like van breakdown cover, legal expense cover and the provision of a temporary van until yours is repaired in the event of an accident or theft.

What Affects How Much You Pay For Commercial Van Insurance?

There are a number of factors that affect commercial van insurance premiums such as the make and model of van, the age of the driver(s), the driving history of the driver(s), the value of the van, the number of miles the van will do each year, the type of work the van will be used for, does the van have any security devices fitted and where is the van parked overnight.

Using Your Van Abroad

Prior to travelling overseas, you should check if your commercial van insurance includes this type of cover or if it can be added at extra cost to cover a trip to Europe.

It Is Easy To Get Quotations

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