Classic Van Insurance

Get protection for your classic vanIf you own a classic van you may have discovered that there are not as many companies offering classic van insurance as there are providers of classic car insurance. You may have also found that, as it is a specialist type of insurance, the premium that you have been quoted is higher than you may have been expecting to pay.

What Is The Definition Of A Classic Van?

There is some debate on this subject with some insurers and classic vehicle organisations taking a different view. Some would say that your van must be at least twenty years of age to qualify for classic van insurance but you should check with the insurer.

Levels Of Protection

You have four options to choose from.

You have the usual choice of third party, third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive plus, in certain situations, you could opt for Laid Up cover. This is suitable if you are going to be taking your classic van off the road, garage it and then carry out some restoration work. It will cover your van should it be stolen or subject to fire damage. Once the work is completed you can then revert to one of the first three levels of cover previously mentioned.

Agreed Valuation

You can pay a little bit extra and have your classic van insured for an Agreed Valuation. This takes into account any restoration works that have been carried out on the vehicle whereas the Market Value does not, meaning that, in the event of your van being written off, you can claim its full value from the insurance company less any excess.

What Things Affect The Premium For Classic Van Insurance?

There are a variety of factors including such things as the make and model of the classic van, its value, your age, your driving history, the number of miles that you intend to travel in it each year, where you park the van overnight, what security devices you have had fitted and the level of cover that you select.

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