Breakdown Cover

Vans can get breakdown cover tooThe last thing you want to happen when you are on your way in your van early in the morning to an important job is to break down due to a mechanical failure. Not only is it a huge inconvenience but it could also prove to be extremely costly.

For instance, you may need to call out a garage to see if they can fix the problem at the roadside but if they cannot you will need to be towed away. This, plus the cost of the repair work may be expensive and you may loose business whilst your van is off the road unless you go to the expense of hiring a temporary van.

A solution is to take out breakdown cover with one of the major motoring organizations as they may be able to repair your van at the roadside and get you back on the road quickly. You can do this either by contacting them direct or you may be able to arrange it through your commercial van insurance as an optional extra.

It is worth comparing the costs of both these options as you may find that the later option is cheaper. If it is less expensive to add it into your business van insurance then there is probably no advantage in arranging it directly with the breakdown company.

You will then need to decide what level of breakdown cover you require. For instance, do you just want basic Roadside Assistance which is the cheapest option and includes them coming out to where you have broken down to see if they can get the van working. Do you want to add in Home Start so that if your van will not start when you are about to drive away from your home they will come out to the van? Do you want to also include Relay cover meaning that if they are unable to repair your van at the roadside they will transport the van to a garage to be repaired? Another option is whether you want to include European breakdown cover so that, if you break down whilst in say France, they will arrange the same sort of service that is provided in the UK. Do you want to be able to use a temporary van whilst yours is being repaired?

The level of breakdown cover that you chose will dictate how much your commercial van insurance premium will be.