Any Driver Van Insurance

Insure your vans for use by any driverIf your business has expanded over the years resulting in you taking on a number of employees you may wish to take more of a back-seat in the day to day operations. So, if a number of your employees are going to be used to drive the business’s van for business purposes you will need to insure them to drive it.

You could arrange a policy that names the drivers that you wish to be able to drive your van but this may limit the number of named drivers to four and prove inconvenient if you have an ever-changing turnover of people working for you. Another alternative is an Any Driver Van Insurance policy that will provide you with greater flexibility as it insures any driver (subject to possible age restrictions) to drive your vehicle and provides you with the cover that you require.

Age Restrictions

The age of a driver has a significant impact on premiums so it may be cheaper if you could limit the age of any drivers on such a policy to at least 25 or failing that say 21. In fact some insurance companies will have such age restrictions on an Any Driver Van Insurance policy.

How Much Does This Cover Cost?

This type of policy is more expensive than if only one person were being insured but, if there is the need for several people to be able to drive your van, then arranging this type of policy is likely to be cheaper than taking out individual policies for a number of specific people to drive your van.

Getting Quotations

You can obtain a quote for Any Driver Van Insurance simply by using the “Get a Quote” button on this website. This will enable you to compare the cost and see how much you may save.