Insuring A Van For Private Use

You can get covered for private use tooYou may be surprised to read that there are many people that utilise a van purely for private use rather than for business purposes. If that is the case then, it is possible to arrange private van insurance that just covers you for social domestic and pleasure purposes.

Private Van Use

If you use your van to take the children to school, do the shopping, go away on a camping holiday, carry your golf clubs, fishing tackle, surfing equipment or other sports equipment or items that are related to a hobby of yours such as gardening you could consider insuring your van for private use. Another occasion where you would be covered under such a policy is if you chose to take your van to a one-off car boot sale to sell your wares.

However, you would not be able to carry any goods for reward or hire or for any other purposes relating to your business otherwise your van would need to be insured for business purposes. So, if you run a business as a mobile DJ or perhaps play in a band you could not transport your equipment under a private van insurance policy.

It is worth noting that you would not insure the likes of a camper van under a private van insurance policy as there are separate specialist policies that cover such things.


One of the benefits of being able to insure your van for private use is that it is going to cost you less than if you had arranged a business van insurance policy which, in the current financial climate, is to be welcomed.

Levels of Cover

You have a choice of arranging this type of insurance either for third party, third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive cover. Ultimately, you must decide which level of cover you want.


It is worth shopping around for a private van insurance policy that provides you with the cover that you require as you may wish to include things like breakdown cover or legal expenses cover. In that respect, by using a price comparison website like ourselves, you have access to a number of insurance companies that may be able to provide you with the cover you require at an affordable premium.